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天国に一番近いホテル”Paradis d'Ouvea” / The Closest Hotel to Heaven, ”Paradis d'Ouvea”


Hello everyone!


Good afternoon, it is Shun.


I visited New Caledonia for the first time in my life some days ago!

 そして今回は映画・小説「天国に一番近い島」の舞台にもなったニューカレドニア/Ouvéa島にあるリゾートホテル、”Paradis d'Ouvea(パラディ・ド・ウヴェア)”をご紹介したいと思います!

And this time, I would like to introduce a resort hotel "Paradis d'Ouvea" on the island of Ouvéa, New Caledonia, which was the setting of the movie and novel "The Island Closest to Heaven"!


The island of Ouvéa is located 40 minutes from Noumea by small plane. On the island, you can find the only one resort hotel, where you can enjoy meals made with local ingredients and incredibly beautiful sea as much as time allows.


There are also Japanese staff members living and working on the island, so you can feel at ease even though the island is almost exclusively French-speaking.


By the way, the sea of Ouvéa Island was the most beautiful sea ever. Especially lying on the beach and watching the sunset were the most luxurious time I have ever spent.

 それでは、Paradis d'Ouveaを例のごとく絶景写真とともにご紹介します!

Let me introduce you to Paradis d'Ouvea, as always, with spectacular photos!

[外観 Appearance]


As the only resort hotel on the island of Ouvéa, it is so luxurious that it is unbelievable from the way from the airport to the hotel.

[中庭 Courtyard]


The courtyard in the corridor leading to the rooms. The view of palm trees and the ocean is tropical.

[客室 Guest room]


The room has two doors with separate entrances. This time, three of us stayed in one room. There are three rooms and each room has a king-size bed. With two TVs and two sofas, it was spacious enough to accommodate six people without any problem. Of course, we could have had more. lol



The service was jam-packed with coffee and tea as well as a tefal for a relaxing stay in the room.

[バスルーム Bathrooms]


It also came with two bathrooms, what a surprise.


It is also nice to have two baths and two toilets so that men and women can stay together without any concern. The strength of the shower is also perfect, allowing you to spend a comfortable bath time.


And the soaps in the amenities smelled very nice and soothing.

[バルコニー Balcony]


There were also two balconies. Although we could only see a little of the ocean, it was a great space to relax and soak up the sun.

[レストラン Restaurant]


A restaurant with a view of the sea, unique to a tropical resort. For lunch, we enjoyed mangrove crab (also known as mud crab), a specialty of Ouvéa Island, while gazing at the quiet, crystal-clear sea. It was very thick and tasted like a high quality crab.



However, the accompanying warm banana is very much like a local meal and may not be favorite of some people. It tastes like sweet potato, but the aftertaste is banana. (It was not the best food to be honest...)

[バーカウンター Bar]


The bar counter is located right next to the lobby. When you arrive before check-in, you are treated to a welcome drink. We spent an elegant time on the beach watching the sunset while enjoying cocktails. Please be aware that they pour a lot of alcohol, so be careful if you are not a strong drinker.

[プール Pool]


If you do not like to go in the ocean, you can enjoy the beautiful swimming pool here. Surrounded by palm trees, the pool offers a tropical experience even without going in the ocean. Summer beds are also available for those who want to get a tan.

[ビーチ Beach]


The best part is the quiet beach that stretches out in front of the hotel! The sea is a multi-layered sea of white, emerald, dark blue, and blue, which makes you wonder how often the colors change. I never got tired of looking at it until the sun set.

[料金 Price]

 こんなに贅沢な充実した時間を過ごせるParadis d’Ouveaは1泊素泊まりで14,000円/人でした!!

Such a luxurious and fulfilling stay at Paradis d'Ouvea cost 14,000JPY per person for one night !


Considering the facilities, the cleanliness, and, best of all, the great location, it's too cheap to stay here for just a little over 10,000 JPY!


This is a great place to spend a wonderful time and is highly recommended for those who are looking for a little luxury and a relaxing trip.

◎まとめ Summary


How was it?


The island of Ouvéa was the setting for the movie "The Island Closest to Heaven". I thought as if I was in heaven, and what made me think so was just a beautiful ocean. It was such a luxury to be able to see such a beautiful sea right after waking up in the morning.


Whether you are a couple or a family, you will never regret. Please visit when you have time and money to spare. It will make you forget about a few bad things.

それでは皆さん、See you soon!

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